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Our mission is to provide comprehensive and compassionate patient- centered care, deliver the highest quality customer service and to enrich the lives of our patients and community through education about the role of pelvic physical therapy in health and wellness.

Our Services

We provide one on one physical therapy treatments performed by licensed physical therapists.  Treatments include manual (hands-on) techniques, exercise instruction, postural education, and other therapeutic modalities to relieve pain and improve muscular function.  Personal and manual therapy techniques are provided in the comfort of private treatment rooms.

We treat men and women with pelvic health dysfunction and pain.  Common diagnoses include but are not limited to:

Pudendal NeuralgiaBowel DysfunctionPelvic Pain
VulvadyniaPregnancy / Post-Partum PainTailbone / Coccyx Pain
Vulvar VestibulitisPelvic ProlapseIncontinence
Painful IntercourseProstatitisVaginismus
Urinary Urge / FrequencyDiastasis RectiRectal Pain


American Physical Therapy Association
International Pelvic Pain Society
American Urogynecologic Society
National Vulvodynia Association
The Interstitial Cystitis Association

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Phone: 919-571-9912
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Emily is great. I tried a PT before her and never came close to being cured. I felt like I was never going to get cured but I was wrong. Emily is very patient, gentle and knew exactly what to do to help me. She's great!!


As a man, it was very difficult for me to seek out help for my chronic pelvic symptoms… From the first treatment I received, I began to experience relief.


Sarah is also compassionate, sensitive, gentle, easy to talk with, and really connects well with her patients. Put simply, Sarah really cares. I "HIGHLY" recommend anyone (male or female) who is experiencing pelvic pain or discomfort to seek out the professional services of CPHC.


Emily is very knowledgeable and turned a painful condition totally around.....sitting is do-able without pain.


Everyone was extremely friendly and knowledgeable!


Sarah is awesome! CPHC was a holistic experience. I would highly recommend their services to anybody experiencing pelvic pain.


Emily listened to what was wrong and found multiple solutions to improve the pain. She showed empathy and caring and I didn't feel as though I just had to live with painful intercourse.


...(as) a Medicare patient I don't know how your out of network insurance billings affects other clients but... I look for the best hands on care I can get regardless of how that provider is set up to handle the insurance issues...The health care at CPHC is so rewarding, any method used for filing claims is okay with me. Emily, you have very special skills, 'magic' hands and are such a joy to be with while you work me through your manipulations and exercises. It can't get any better than that.


Wonderful, excellent demeanor, explains clearly and succinctly. Great job!


Sarah is FANTASTIC! She helped me overcome the mental as well as physical issues that were causing my pain. I have found this therapy to be a very rewarding experience. Thank you! :)


Always flexible and willing to work with my schedule.


Emily Wegmann at this professional group provides corrective PT for me while taking extreme care not to interfere nor disrupt my otherwise fragile systems. I cannot think of a better way to keep me mobile than a periodic procedure from Emily when my spine or abdominal muscles are not working at their best.


Emily changed my life!! I'm the happiest I've ever been and she is a big part of that.....(I) will recommend you to everyone I know!!


Emily's vast knowledge on the subject of women's pelvic health cannot possibly be exceeded. She was wonderful and helped me fully understand the source of my pelvic problems and knew just what to do to address them. I am so pleased that I came to CPHC and followed the full course of treatments. I will certainly spread the word about CPHC to all of my friends and colleagues.


Sarah was caring,understanding and compassionate. The sessions/treatments were so helpful!